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Out of the Mire Christian Counseling


Christian Couseling

The objective of Christian counseling is to provide individuals with a comprehensive approach to mental health care by utilizing a combination of faith-based and psychological practices. Christian counseling aims to help individuals cope with and resolve challenging life issues by integrating biblical teachings and the latest psychological research. It is a compassionate and holistic approach that addresses clients' emotional, mental, and spiritual needs, improving overall well-being.

Out of the Mire Christian Counseling

Assisting People

Out of the Mire Christian Counseling


It's normal to feel anxious from time to time. Anxiety is just our body's natural response to stress. It can make us feel uneasy and worried and sometimes even cause physical sensations like a racing heart or sweaty palms. But don't worry, you're not alone! Many people experience anxiety, and there are plenty of ways to manage it.

Out of the Mire Christian Counseling


It's important to remember that depression is a very real and common struggle that affects many people. It can be incredibly challenging, whether it's a mild or severe case. But know that you are not alone, and seeking help and support is okay.

Out of the Mire Christian Counseling

Life Adjustments

Changes can have varying interpretations for different individuals and even for the same person at different times. During this time, you may experience negative thoughts, intense emotions, and changes in behavior that are much more severe than you would usually expect. Know that you are not alone; we are here to support you through this process.

Out of the Mire Christian Counseling

Career/Life Coaching

Making decisions about your career can be an exciting but challenging experience. You're not alone, and I'm here to help you navigate the process easily.

Danelle Corrine

Danelle Corrine, BS, MA, AACC

Danelle Corrine has been a Christian counselor since 2015. Her process to Christian counseling is a Spirit-led process of change, transformation, and growth, geared to help others mature in Christ through the skillful synthesis of counselor-assisted spiritual, psychosocial, familial, behavioral, and environmental interventions. Danelle has a Master of Arts in Communication and a Bachelor of Science in Religion and Christian counseling. Danelle works with couples, individuals, and adolescence ages 14-17.

more on Danelle Corrine's approach

Counseling & Inner Healing

We have come to realize that inner healing and counseling usually go hand in hand. Over the years, we have seen people go through inner healing but struggle to walk in the newly healed areas. This is because people may need counseling to help create new neural pathways in the brain, assisting them in forming new habits by renewing their minds. We have also witnessed people only going to counseling but struggling to create new habits due to emotional pain caused by trauma. This is because trauma holds our emotions captive and affects our prefrontal cortex, which is extensively interconnected to regulate higher-order decision-making and to plan and organize for the future. We usually need both counseling and inner healing, and it is our pleasure to help guide you through this process and help you lead a fulfilling life.

Let the Healing Begin!
How can I can help you?

Counseling appointments are available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in-person or over the phone. Fill out the form below for your free 15 minute consultation to see goodness of fit. All sessions are 45-50 minutes.

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It is essential that all people who want a secure place to learn new skills, heal wounds, and make changes in their lives have a safe and affordable place to go! Unfortunately, we believe that money is the deciding factor in access to counseling services all too often. Out of the Mire Ministries is a non-profit biblical support agency created to provide the community with access to safe evangelical support services for a suggested donation.


We have a talented team of trained Ministers who provide biblical ministry on various days and times. Each Minister at the office has received a degree of training, equipping him/her as a competent Christian Minister. In addition to the necessary ministry training, Ministers also participate in numerous hours of continuing education each year. Furthermore, they are re-certified on an annual basis, dependent on continuing education in the field of clinical and Biblical ministry. 


Our services are by donation only; we are committed to providing biblical support to everyone regardless of their financial situation. Unfortunately, at this time, we only have one Minister who can take virtual appointments for Biblical Counseling. All Inner Healing ministry appointments are to be in person only; there are NO virtual appointments.

Business and Professions Code Section 4980-4980.90

4980. (a) Many (a)(1) Many California families and many individual Californians are
experiencing difficulty and distress, and need wise, competent, caring, compassionate, and effective counseling to enable them to improve and maintain healthy family relationships. (2) Healthy individuals, healthy families, and healthy relationships are inherently beneficial and crucial to a healthy society and are our most precious and valuable natural resource.  Licensed marriage and family therapists provide crucial support for the well-being of the people and the State of California. 4980.01 (a) This chapter shall not be construed to constrict, limit, or withdraw the Medical Practice Act, the Social Work Licensing Law, the Nursing Practice Act, the Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor Act, or the Psychology Licensing Act.
(b) This chapter shall not apply to any priest, rabbi, or minister of the gospel of any religious denomination when performing counseling services as part of his or her pastoral or professional duties…

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